Link & joint simulation

Discover half yin-yang pattern by simulating kinematic motion using Linkage. To my surprise the setup is pretty simple; 2 same wide bar separated by same distance then add a diagonal linkage bar. One tip act as actuator while other tip anchored.

Yin: Where are you Yang?

Tagging ’em all

Tagging system proven to be flexible & reliable especially for synchronized complex motion.Some application; Teleporter portal tags, multiple instance range spotting, snake body segment chaining (pin or physics behavior).

Tag me buddy!

Here sources for those cases:

Recursive generator

‘Plus’ pattern consist of ‘brick’ objects summoned in 4 directions then advanced generates another ‘plus’ pattern with smaller repetition.

Keep dividing!

Implemented as room or dungeon generator that has 3 passage in each intersection which is shifted randomly. So far each room is interconnected to other room.
Guess how many rooms generated

Shoot Test

Happy that the code base still under 40 events which is relatively easy to maintain before advancing. Isometric coordinate helps us thinking measurement in it’s relative units.

Left one, right one. No, Up-left shoot!